With a global reach of investors, our focus is to assist credible businesses or new ventures in sourcing capital to grow. We are looking for both proven businesses and unique concepts who have highly talented people and a very strong vision. Although Balmoral is sector agnostic we like tech and also have investors who lean towards Oil & Gas projects. If you have been successfully trading with 2+ years history or a proven concept with IP then please provide a one page Executive Summary. From £20m upwards.

Our model is two-fold, discreet direct introductions to investors as well as select high-profile presentation events.

The Team

The Hon Richard Evans - Chief Executive

Richard has been a highly motivated professional networker, dealmaker for 25 years. Since his teens he has built up excellent business relationship skills including selling, marketing, branding and lead generation. As Shareholder and Director at Centurion Press Group (1990-2003) his charity fundraising and marketing skills proved to be both transferable and highly relevant to the world of corporate finance. He initiated Nelson Mandela's trip to the UK in the early 1990's and has invested in several diverse businesses including fashion, technology, entertainment, and UK property development. His database consists of circa 4,000 connections including investors and businesses worldwide. During the past year Richard has raised circa $800m.



David Hard - Associate Director

David has spent the last 5 years running his own businesses after a very successful career in financial services, spanning 41 years. During this time he has positively helped many entrepreneurs either survive, grow or structure their business and personal life as a mentor, coach, fund provider or fundraiser. People who know David respect and admire his infectious enthusiasm to continuous change and challenge, his positivity, supportive and friendly approach. He has a wealth of experience, knowledge and a large network of funders to explore all sources of finance; conventional, alternative or equity based, even for the earliest or most obtuse reasons, in order to help clients.



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